Jul 072014

Nose JobIn the recent past, plastic surgery has become very popular all over the world. This could be attributed to development and growth of social media, and to some extent celebrities. While some celebrities go big changes through plastic surgery for example breast enhancement, some prefer small almost unnoticeable changes such as rhinoplasty or a nose job. Some such celebrities are Jenifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie whose nose jobs turned out perfect. To achieve such spectacular results there are several things you must consider before heading to surgery.

Get a certified plastic surgeon – with an increase in demand for plastic surgeries, the number of quack doctors in the market has increased. There are doctors or surgeons that have not been properly certified but they continue to practice plastic surgery. This means that they are working on a trial and error basis. This will automatically increase your chances of getting a horrible nose job done. Carry research and know what the surgeon you have selected can do. Looking at previous nose jobs from friends and other clients can help.

Understand the risks – every surgery, however minor it is, comes together with the possibility of risks that could need escalation to a bigger hospital. Some common risks include excessive bleeding, necrosis and tissue death. It is also important to use a surgeon who is registered with a major hospital where you can be referred to in case things go wrong. Also weigh the ratio of benefits to risks of your nose job.

Ensure you are the right candidate – apparently there are people who do not qualify for any plastic surgery. These include clients with a mental illness, those who are difficult to please, anyone undergoing a crisis such loss of a loved one, and those with impossible expectations. If you fit into any of this category, you need to wait for a while before you go in for a nose job or any other plastic surgery for that matter. You need to understand that plastic surgery will not solve your problems but might only give you the confidence you need to cope. Either way, ensure that you are at your optimal emotional and physical state for plastic surgery.

Calculate the cost of your surgery – plastic surgery is an expensive affair. Moreover, most insurance covers do not count it as a medical expense so it is not covered. This means you have to pay your way through not only the surgery but also the follow-up visit, medicine and any post-operative care that you will need. Remember that your surgeon might suggest a bed rest for a few days; make sure you can afford this before surgery. It could also be important to look for someone to carry out tasks that you will not be able to during and after the surgery as you recover, this will cost you.

When you have covered all bases, you are more likely to have a less stressful time during your nose plastic surgery. Moreover, careful research will leave with a nose you can be proud of such as that of Jenifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. Who would not want such noses?

Jul 072014

Obesity and pregnantWhen you are obese, it simply implies that you have more weight than is necessary for your age, height and body build. Excessive weight caused by the problem of being over-fat predisposes you to several health problems. Obesity is also a hindrance to one’s enjoyment of social life and as such, should therefore be prevented or at best, cured if this is possible. During pregnancy, it is easy to become obese because a woman usually is expected to add a bit of weight.

There are a number of health risks that are associated with obesity during a woman’s pregnancy. These risks do not only affect the mother but the child as well. It is in this regard that at the first prenatal visit, the weight and height of a woman are recorded to get their BMI. When this has been done, the next step is to determine the amount of weight that is safe for a woman to put on during pregnancy.

For a woman who is obese or otherwise overweight, it is important to have a thorough nutritional consultation. This means that a healthcare provider should guide them on the foods they ought to eat to be healthy and if possible, avoid the addition of more weight. Obese women who have succeeded in losing a bit of weight (on mmagospel.com) during their pregnancies have gone ahead to have safer deliveries. Safe exercises should also be encouraged in a woman who is overweight. Such include swimming and walking.

Of course, every pregnant woman should avoid physical exertion during exercises as this can pose a considerable risk to both mother and fetus. However, the need to shed weight should never be given precedence over the health of mother and child. This underscores the need for nutritional guidance for the obese, pregnant woman.

The healthiest thing for a woman to do is to lose excessive weight before conception. This greatly increases the chances of a safe conception and more normal birth. Of course, after you lose the weight and succeed in conceiving, it will be crucial to maintain a healthy weight limit during the pregnancy. Eating right and engaging in the right exercises are very important.

Does garcinia cambogia have any side effects? Generally no but the use of Garcinia Cambogia during pregnancy should not be considered. Weight loss supplements have the ability to rob you of the sufficient nutrients that you need during such times. Remember that your baby relies on you to provide it with the nutrients it needs to develop in a healthy manner.

As an obese, pregnant woman, you need to go for all your prenatal appointments, eat right and be active to stay healthy.